Restaurante Casa Nené

Restaurante Casa Nené

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Restaurant Nené

An establishment that goes a step further, both kitchen and inside appearance.

Nené Casa restaurant offers the opportunity to immerse in local life and savor Galician cuisine and culture with a modern interpretation, enjoying a perfect fusion of traditional and modern with local quality products ..

Located 120 meters from La Casona de Nené, the restaurant is located in the heart of the town. Soaking up the atmosphere of the town and Camino, since its terrace is located on the Camino de Santiago. A dining space is designed as a tribute to the Maruxa grandmother, where traditional dishes and more current dining options include a letter with a variety of options.

Le rehabilitation of the building, sought to keep the most sober lines of traditional Galician architecture with modern touches in highlighting its hydraulic floors, and rustic colonial details that make up the charming restaurant Casa Nené.

In addition to our menu, the restaurant offers a daily menu with varied dishes and flavors of the best products of the Galician garden. Developing a product management km 0, House Nené feeds from local suppliers, taking care of the quality of our dishes.

You can also contact our catering team, led by the young chef Diego Mato, different menu options if you want to celebrate your event or meeting at our restaurant Casa Nene.

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